The MILAGE Learning+ is an application for mobile devices that has been developed at the University of Algarve, enabling students to access educational content in and outside the classroom.

This app works as a support tool for students which provides them with the opportunity to autonomously solve given exercises compiled in worksheets, while also supporting the teacher in managing classroom time, to the extent that the teacher does not have to provide solutions to exercises in the classroom which are already integrated into the MILAGE Learning+ app.

In order to stimulate and support the implementation of the various activities proposed, the MILAGE Learning+ app interface incorporates gamification features, segmenting different levels of exercise difficulty to support students with greater difficulties and also motivate more advanced students in learning mathematics.

To include all students, the app provides detailed videos with the resolution of exercises for students with more difficulties. There is also a concise video with the essential steps to guide you through the resolution of the exercise.

In addition, the MILAGE Learning+ app also includes a self-assessment scheme and peer review to stimulate the student to work independently. The review of the content and the ability to identify key steps in solving exercises allows for the better storage of knowledge in the long-term memory.

Within the project, another application was also created – the MILAGE Learning + Teachers – which is a back office, free for teachers and schools, who wish to join the development of content in mathematics teaching, as well as other subjects that can be included in the MILAGE Learning+ app.

The MILAGE Learn+ app is free and is available for Android and Apple iOS and can be downloaded from:

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You can follow a video tutorial about the use of this app here.

A partnership is established with the Portuguese Ministry of Education, to disseminate the APP MILAGE LEARN+ in all schools in Portugal for the school year 2018/2019.


You can download here eBooks covering the national curriculum of mathematics for the upper secondary schools for Norway, Portugal, Spain and Turkey. The eBook is another tool to extend the classroom in a blended learning model. It is developed with the free and open standard EPUB 3 that runs for both mobile Android and iOS platforms. This specification supports video embedded in the eBook. In this way, students can study using these eBooks, solving available problems and watching the videos available with the problems resolutions, which is especially interesting for learning mathematics. If students do not have Internet, they can download these eBooks at school and study at home even if they do not have Internet, since all videos are integrated in the eBook.